Contract Management Challenges That Can Be Solved with CLM Software

The contract management isn’t an easy or simple task, and that’s why skilled professionals must take on the job, and there are outstanding software solutions for managing contracts that can help you move things through the process more smoothly.

In the absence of knowing, most businesses are prolonging their schedule for managing contracts due to the problems they’re facing, but not the issue of managing contracts. But this issue can be resolved easily. These issues can be eliminated once they are dealt with. So what exactly are these key problems with contract management, and what can we do to address them?

The Slow Completion Time

Contract lifecycle management helps to facilitate contracts from the moment of conception until execution. It can be an arduous process. Many times the process of signing contracts may take several days to sign. The main reason for this is the absence of digital systems to sort documents and get them signed in a matter of minutes. Other reasons include printing problems, logistics, delivery, and access to physical copies while working at home or traveling.

ContractSafe contract management software can digitally address many of these issues and many others. Companies can sign contracts with partners, bosses, and clients quicker and start execution as quickly as possible.


With all the technological advancements in the legal field, some are likely to choose easier-to-access options, such as cloud-based document editors or even email contracts and other documents. However, all cloud-based file sharing options — as beneficial as they can be in many ways– do not have one essential aspect: security.

Only those who are required to see the contract can view it through contract management tools. Contracts are also secure and encrypted, which means the information is not leaked even in case of a problem in the software. This additional layer of security will ensure that the parties that sign the agreement are guaranteed absolute confidence in their privacy.

Limited Contract Visibility

The lack of visibility of contracts remains a major issue for contract management in large enterprises. Contracts are stored in Outlook inboxes and local shared folders or filing cabinets. When problems arise that require reviewing contracts, they may be difficult to find or even impossible to locate.

Cloud-based contract management software addresses this problem. Businesses can store all their contracts on one single platform for global visibility. Once contracts are transferred to the cloud and accessible, they can be searched for to gain even more access and analysis. Users can gain access to every contract anyplace in the world, whenever they want, which can improve the business results.

Protracted Negotiations

If negotiations are prolonged, this can mean that the whole process is at risk of not being completed. In addition, it means there’s a long time between the moment you receive the contract and being able to begin work. The quicker a contract is agreed upon, negotiated, and signed, the faster work can be started, and the quick money will flow. Before signing a contract, any competition your client is exposed to might influence them to change their mind. The sooner you sign the contract, the more favourable.

Contract management software means that you can negotiate excellently with ease, eliminating frustrations and missed opportunities. All parties involved can track modifications and suggestions throughout the process. Progress will be visible to everyone involved, which will minimize risk for everyone involved.


If there is little or no flexibility in the contract managements, negotiations could stall, resulting in agreements being dropped altogether. It could be a devastating loss for your company. Although a contract can be drafted, its inflexibility makes it not always the way people would like to be, and it may take for an event to go wrong before anyone is willing to alter certain aspects of the contract they don’t agree with.

Contract management software digitally provides an open, simple, and transparent platform that provides the most flexibility to all participants. You will be able to avoid inflexibility and improve communication because the software allows you to adapt to any modifications that must be made swiftly and easily.

The Absence of Standardization for Contracts

A typical problem with managing contracts for companies with ad-hoc contract writing processes is the ad-hoc increasing number of contract clauses and templates available. If contracts are not standardized and non-standard, it falls to staff to review every contract line-by-line to ensure that the contracts do not expose the business to liability.

Through an enterprise-wide contract administration solution, businesses can cut the number of clauses and templates used within the organization. This means that only the most efficient contract language is being used, which frees up time for legal personnel to focus on more strategic projects.

Lost Contracts

The physical copy of contracts does not always guarantee an efficient organization. File cabinets can be an unintentional black hole for the most crucial documents. When businesses lose contracts and various other legally-binding documents, it could be legal consequences that can cost both time and money.

A cloud-based CLM can provide an easier way to manage and organize your files. Contract management systems can save thousands of files over the years and provide users access to them. Furthermore, the systems aren’t prone to decay of paper, natural disasters, physical or digital breaches, or theft.

James Smith

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